Warm Homes Week 2021

Warm Homes Week 2021
Date: 26/09/2021
Start Time:
End Time:
Venue: Zoom
Number of Available Places:
Nation / Region: England , Northern Ireland , Scotland , UK , Wales
Content Type: Event

Warm Homes Week, 27–30 September 2021

For 40 years National Energy Action has championed warm homes for all. We’ve grown from a small group of people helping those in the North East keep warm at home, to the national charity working to end fuel poverty across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This September we will be marking our anniversary by holding our biggest ever digital event series. Over the course of four days members, supporters and others with an interest in ending fuel poverty can join workshops, presentations and other events to discuss shared challenges and solutions.

We’ll be focusing on key issues such as tackling the worst first, the just transition, getting the right support to those who need it, and turning fuel poverty strategies and targets into meaningful, co-ordinated action. However we also welcome approaches from members who would like to suggest topics or speakers; or who would like to express an interest in contributing to the agenda.

Warm Homes Week 2021

  • Thank you for your interest in Warm Homes Week. Please provide further details below and we will consider your request in due course. Please note that we are expecting a high level of interest and so will not be able to accommodate all speaking requests. Where we have several approaches on similar topics we will prioritise contributions from members.
  • Please cover the following: • Overview of the topic/subject/content of your proposed presentation. • Expected target audience and what the benefits to them of attending would be.
  • Please note: because this is a nationally-focused event we are unlikely to feature presentations from advice delivery agencies/projects with the sole focus of describing activity in specific localities.

    We are really keen to capture learnings and insights from these projects and others that could help people delivering similar. For example: have you had particular success in engaging with hard-to-reach groups? What about securing strategic buy-in? Did anything not work that you would change in the future? Have you been able to secure and sustain any new partnerships between different sectors?

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