Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Healthy Homes Partnership

Lead Partners:

Derbyshire County Council, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Local Authorities’ Energy Partnership (LAEP)

Other Partners:

Derbyshire Healthy Home Project, Nottinghamshire Warm Homes Project, seven district and borough councils in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire Public Health and Nottinghamshire Public Health.

Project Summary:

All the local authorities in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire worked together to develop and deliver this project across the two counties. The project targets hard-to-reach individuals with cold-sensitive, long-term health conditions, who are  in fuel poverty and assists them to keep warm and well at home.

Trusted partners including local district councils, front line health and social care professionals, CAB , and the Fire Service identify eligible individuals and refer them directly to the programme.

In all cases a trained energy officer speaks to the patient about their situation, assesses their eligibility for support and arranges to visit them at home where the following assessments are carried out:

  • home energy efficiency assessment and advice leading to improvements in boilers / whole heating systems, thermostats, timers, draught proofing and insulation where needed;
  • affordable warmth assessment incorporating benefits check, tariff switching, better use of existing heating, occupancy assessment;
  • health and wellbeing promotion and advice covering the impact of a cold home on long term health conditions and the importance of staying warm.

A range of bespoke services are delivered at no cost to the householder to help them keep a safe and healthy temperature in their home. The programme commissions and oversees the delivery of capital works and pursues referrals to completion to ensure effective outcomes.

NEA has awarded Derbyshire County Council and Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Local Authorities’ Energy Partnership (LAEP) a further grant to continue their project and the delivery of measures to an additional 44 eligible households in 2017/18.


East Midlands

Local authority area/key locations in which project will be delivered:

Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire

Details of measures installed:

 Eligible individuals benefited from heating and/or insulation measures as required.  

NEA grant with GAP funding
Large  Measures Large Measures Large & Small
155 16 184
Small Measures
Published on 08-11-2016
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