Coronavirus / Covid-19 – Statement from our chief executive

It is hard to watch committed professionals put the interests of others over their own while you set up your ‘home office’. Over coming months there will be even deeper, but still insufficient, reservoirs of respect and awe for those who will support the sick and vulnerable over the coming months.

Earlier this week NEA took the inevitable decision to pause all of our face-to-face work with fuel poor and vulnerable households. That work meant sitting with people and filling out tortuous benefit forms, clearing years of accumulated stuff from the houses of chronic hoarders so heating systems can be put in, helping people put their lives back together in a warm and safe home and generally giving desperate people some of the necessary conditions for a decent life.

Pausing this work, even if temporarily, is difficult to accept. Everyone at NEA is working remotely and we continue the majority of our operations, including operating our Warm and Safe Homes Advice Telephone Service and providing training via e-learning. But I would be twisting the truth if I didn’t say that we will count the hours and minutes until we are able to engage those in greatest need where they live and where they need it most.

The speed and efficiency with which a small, national charity like NEA has been able to set up, engage and adapt to complete remote working has been remarkable, but no surprise at all. To our partners, members and supporters; quarantine, but don’t cocoon. Everyone at NEA is working and wants to use this time to think harder and fresher about what we can do to tackle fuel poverty, in all circumstances. We would like to do this with you. So please, can we keep talking.

From everyone at NEA, please keep yourself safe, but please do what you can for your neighbours and your community.


Our latest operational update regarding Coronavirus, including how to contact us, is available here

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