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Leaving Nobody Behind

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Since 2013, Ofgem has been working to deliver its Consumer Vulnerability Strategy to ‘identify and tackle consumer vulnerabilities’ in the energy market. This has come with a number of successes. They have almost eradicated disconnections for debt, returned credit balance, created a new vulnerability principle licence condition and restricted charges for forced prepayment meter installations…. Read more »

Evidence mounts of looming gap to meet both fuel poverty and climate targets

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By Matt Copeland, Policy Manager Today the Government have updated energy and emissions projections for greenhouse gas emissions and energy demand from 2018 to 2035. Unfortunately, the new analysis shows the legally binding fifth carbon budget could be missed by 10%. Figure 2.3 from “Updated Energy and Emissions Projections 2018” Many organisations have recently highlighted… Read more »

Fuel Poverty Awareness Day

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NEA believes everybody in the UK should be able to live in a warm and safe home. This may be self-indulgent but after over 35 years having a decent go at it, it’s pretty disheartening when thousands of people still die or get sick needlessly because they don’t. In total, across then UK last winter… Read more »

Fact Checker –Annual Fuel Poverty Debate 2018

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Last week, Parliament held its annual fuel poverty debate, where MPs got the chance to talk about the effects of fuel poverty on their constituents, government policy in general and what they would do to help end fuel poverty. A number of topics were discussed in the debate: MPs raised issues surrounding: Excess winter deaths… Read more »

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