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Decarbonisation of heat: Hybrid heat pumps

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In our first blog we covered the concept of heat pumps, why they’re needed to both decarbonise the UK’s heating and potentially reduce heating costs for households. Technical Project Development Coordinators Bryony Holroyd and Paul Rogers also covered which technologies could be best suited to differing situations. We mentioned previously that air-source heat pumps (ASHPs)… Read more »

Decarbonisation of heat: heat pumps for domestic heating

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As the UK Commits to Net Zero CO2 emissions by 2050, the challenge of decarbonising heat – especially in the homes of those already struggling to afford their energy – has become a hot topic. NEA was one of the first organisations to recognise the potential benefits of installing heat pumps in the homes of… Read more »

Leaving Nobody Behind

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Since 2013, Ofgem has been working to deliver its Consumer Vulnerability Strategy to ‘identify and tackle consumer vulnerabilities’ in the energy market. This has come with a number of successes. They have almost eradicated disconnections for debt, returned credit balance, created a new vulnerability principle licence condition and restricted charges for forced prepayment meter installations…. Read more »

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