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A day in the lockdown life

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NEA Cymru’s Gareth Thomas reflects on the first few weeks of providing training and advice in lockdown.

Helping vulnerable energy customers during lockdown

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Donna Senghore, NEA Project Support Officer, is usually the first point of contact for our Warm and Safe Homes Advice Service. She shares an insight into how Covid-19 is impacting our clients and the types of help we’re able to offer.

Delivering benefits advice in the Coronavirus crisis

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Benefits Advice Manager, Gail Harris, talks about the crucial role that benefit entitlement checks play in helping people in fuel poverty, and how we’re adapting to ensure people still get support during the Covid-19 crisis.

Protecting vulnerable energy customers during COVID-19 outbreak

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Blog by Peter Smith, NEA’s Director of Policy and Research Even before the recent COVID-19 virus outbreak, we knew that cold, damp and unhealthy homes cause unnecessary physical and mental harm and place a huge strain and additional costs on health services. Given the outbreak, it’s now even more crucial to help people keep warm… Read more »

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