Warm Homes Matter

Our recommendations to an incoming UK Government

Here you can download NEA’s key recommendations to an incoming UK Government, produced in advance of the General Election on 8 June and a summary of our key asks.

Please also view our short video in which we highlight the opportunity for the affordability of energy to be a top priority for the next UK Government; benefiting both the economy and consumers – particularly those living in a cold home. We call on the next UK Government to make energy efficiency a key focus, linked closely to a new strategy for decarbonising the UK’s heating supply and to halt the recent drop off in the delivery of home energy efficiency improvements. We note enhanced energy efficiency programmes will reduce the cost to energy consumers of the transition to a low carbon energy system, improve the quality of life for the most vulnerable as well as creating economic growth in all parts of the UK. We highlight that no other form of infrastructure investment can achieve so much.

We hope that our recommendations and action for warm homes in general features prominently in upcoming manifesto commitments and we are working hard to secure this outcome.

Published on 03-05-2017
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