General Election 2019

Help us create a fair energy future for all

Each winter, at least 11,400 people still die on average, due to a cold home. During the “Beast from the East” in the winter 2017/18, NEA highlighted that British people were ten times more likely to die from a cold house than a road accident. This General Election will be the first fought in the midst of winter in living memory. As a result, all Prospective Parliamentary Candidates will be campaigning when keeping homes warm is a top concern for millions of families across the UK and many will be adopting desperate coping tactics to keep warm.

As well as aiming to heighten awareness of the impacts of millions of people struggling to keep warm this winter, NEA requests that all parties pledge their support to maintaining cross-party commitments to ending fuel poverty within their upcoming manifestos. In addition to directly improving the lives of millions of families in the UK, our manifesto proposals will:

  • Reduce stress and costs on the NHS, especially over winter

  • Reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality in some of the most challenging homes

  • Reduce the cost of, and provide a cornerstone for, a fair transition to a net zero carbon society and economy

As well as our manifesto proposals, we hope the wider information and advice on our website will be of use to you during your campaign. If you are successful in being elected, we would also welcome you joining the All-Party Parliamentary Fuel Poverty & Energy Efficiency Group (FPEEG) which was first established in 1995 to raise awareness of fuel poverty levels across the UK and stimulate cross-party debate in Parliament about the need to make energy costs more affordable.

  • To read our manifesto recommendations please click here. You can also watch our video.

  • To read an independent briefing about fuel poverty, the scale of the issue within each UK nation and how it is being addressed across the UK, click here to read this up to date briefing prepared by the House of Commons Library.

  • To find out how many households are living in fuel poverty by Parliamentary Constituency click here.

  • For more advice and information on how to address fuel poverty, click here.

  • For public facing information which is suitable to distribute at public-facing events and share with those who need it, click here.

Published on 14-11-2019
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