NEA conference 2015 presentations

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Opening address

Our vision for the future – Keynote panel discussion

  • CHAIR: David Porter, Vice President, NEA
  • Jon Booth, Director Home Energy, DECC
  • Jenny Saunders, Chief Executive, NEA
  • Tom Wright, Chair of FPAG
  • Philip Cullum, Consumer Partner, Ofgem
  • Dr Ute Collier, Team Leader for Buildings and Industry, Committee on Climate Change

(1) A future where all fuel-poor households receive the assistance they need to improve the energy efficiency of their property – Innovation in delivering and funding energy efficiency programmes

  • CHAIR & SPEAKER: Peter Smith, External Affairs Manager, NEA
  • Ann-Claire Leydier, Sustainability Manager, Northern Powergrid
  • John Swinney, CRESCo Green Bond
  • David Lynch, Project Development Manager, NEA

(2) A future where there is no illness or premature death resulting from cold homes

  • CHAIR: Bill Purvis, Programme Manager, Derbyshire Healthy Homes Project
  • Dr David Sloan, Co-chair, NICE committee on preventing excess winter deaths
  • Professor Angela Tod, Chair of Clinical Nursing Practice Research, University of Manchester
  • Catherine Homer, Research Fellow, Sheffield Hallam University

(3) A future where no household is disadvantaged because of their property type, tenure or location

  • CHAIR & SPEAKER: Jeremy Nesbitt, Managing Director, National Grid Affordable Warmth Solutions
  • Rupika Madhura, Head of Gas Distribution Policy, Ofgem
  • Richard Twinn, Policy Adviser, UKGBC
  • David Wickersham, City West Homes (National Grid Affordable Warmth Solutions Innovation Award winner)

(4) A future where communities and individuals are empowered to take control of their energy generation and behaviour

  • CHAIR: Prof Phil Taylor, Director, Institute of Sustainability, Newcastle University
  • Lorraine Donaldson, Development and Delivery Manager, NEA
  • Claire Maugham, Director of Policy and Communications, Smart Energy GB
  • Dave Newton, Policy Manager, DECC

(5) A future where everyone can afford to heat and eat

  • CHAIR: Cllr Mazher Iqbal, Cabinet Member for Public Health and Equality, Sheffield City Council
  • Matt Cole, Head of Domestic Policy and Obligations, npower
  • Helen Webb, External Relations Manager, Christians Against Poverty
  • Andy Logan, Associate Director, author of the British Gas Energy Trust impact report, Oxford Economics

(6) A future where no household is disadvantaged because of how they pay for their energy and where all consumers can engage with the competitive energy market

  • CHAIR: Jenny Saunders, Chief Executive, NEA
  • Gillian Cooper, Head of Energy Retail Markets, Citizens Advice
  • Pete Moorey, Head of Campaigns, Which?
  • Leigh Fairbrother, Director of Operations, Community Switch
Published on 01-10-2015
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