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This page is for third-party organisations in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to refer clients and service users to NEA. Your referral will be processed securely and an adviser will contact your client.

All referrals will be assessed to identify opportunities for support from NEA’s income maximisation team, energy advisers and our trusted partners. Please contact if you have any queries.

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  • GDPR

  • By ticking the box below you confirm that:

    The client has given their permission for you to pass their information on to NEA.

    You have explained the purpose of doing so and made the client aware that their information will be used by a member of the team to contact them.

    You are processing the client’s data lawfully.

    You are aware your personal details will be kept by NEA for the purposes of completing this referral.

    Any information you supply below will be stored and processed according to NEA's privacy notice


Published on 01-07-2019
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