Age Action Alliance

Digital research

With many public services becoming ‘digital by default’, NEA undertook a research project to understand how the digitisation of energy is contributing to fuel poverty and/or vulnerability, and provide insights into the challenges to older people’s digital inclusion in the context of energy.

IT workshop (Brandwood and Cocksmoor Sheltered Housing Scheme)

Photo: AAA / Brandwood and Cocksmoor Sheltered Housing Scheme

The project, funded by DECC with the support of the Age Action Alliance involved over 200 older people from across England and more than 50 organisations that provide services or products to older people. It included looking specifically at how digital exclusion could contribute to limited and reduced access to the benefits of the energy market, and reduced access to energy saving advice and information on available energy efficiency and fuel poverty programmes – much of which can be found online. The project concluded that the increased digitisation of energy advice, information and services can and does act to marginalise and exclude vulnerable groups, but with increased attention to the digital and energy-related support needs of older people and more careful tailoring and targeting of advice and information, then a considerable proportion of older people could be digitally included and encouraged to engage with energy online.

Published on 24-07-2015
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